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i did some searching and this is all i could come up with for now: … stcount=50

I went turntable (don’t know the model offhand) > DAT (M1) > ZeFiro card, and I’m pretty sure I burned CDs for a couple people (Ammy might’ve gotten one, since I think she came over when I did the xfer, and I think TSP asked for a copy from me- didn’t I hear something about the euro boots/promos being sourced from my xfer?), so there -should- be "sped up" lossless copies -somewhere- out there… I probably still have the CDRs somewhere in my mom’s basement, but it’d probably be faster to find someone else with a set. JJB?[/quote:th5ertu5]
so, this isn’t really confirmed, but it explains where i got this idea from that the german promo might be inferior quality, compared to the other ones out there.

if this is true, the german promo contains eric agnew’s "slightly fast thanks to my cheap-ass turntable" transfer of the vinyl. this transfer was widely spread in mp3 format right after machina II came out. according to this quote, lossless copies exist, but these aren’t widely available right now.

i must say though, i also heard this elsewhere (but i can’t find that back right now), which makes it more probable to me that this is actually the true story behind the german machina II promos.