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it is a full moon and that’s when shit gets fucked up.

and i do get paid pretty good and i get free health insurance and i actually don’t hate my job really. i see some majorly fucked up scenes, but it is kind of entertaining to a degree. :wink: i do enjoy the messed up show that is humanity. this was just one of those weekends- the kind that make you stabby.

and i love all of you SPfreakies. you’re the best crazies i know. :P

and i’m not sure where i want to go yet. i have one more semester to finish then i will head off to a grad school somewhere.

oh, and the .367 thing was alcohol level of the crazy drunk i checked in. .08 is the legal limit. :wink:[/quote:28lrowu8]

awe we love you too blue ♥

I always looked at working with the public entertaining too :lol:
of course I worked at a store in crackville/drunkville
good laughs at night that’s for sure, enough to make me and my coworker Darcy go to the bar afterward for a drink
I don’t miss those days per say but the entertainment was worth it looking back…lol