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On Arthur wrote:
And I’m trying to hunt down the 1992 German Virgin Summer Slam promo cd, since it contains I Am One and the tour dates for the second German tour. Quite the curiosity![/quote:2gubltiw]

It’s funny you should mention that, because I just recently bought that exact CD. Not sure if it’s at my house yet, I’ll check when I get home.[/quote:2gubltiw]
I might have an idea which one you bought… I was having an eye on that one for a long time, but I thought it was too expensive. So I waited till the auction was over and ask the German seller… But he said he just sold it… Most probably to you, I guess! Congratulations! :lol:

But I just scored something else from eBay. A Gish album UK promo cd for 7 dollar, not mentioned on SPfreaks yet! :shock:

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