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don’t attempt to go through the archives in a chronological order. there is no point. there are only disadvantages.[/quote:2q7pi27b]
Can you be more specific about this, please?[/quote:2q7pi27b]
well, if you decide to go through the archives in a chronological order, it will take a while before you get to adore or machina. this might bore away the people who are also interested in this project, but don’t really care about gish or earlier, for example.

you can’t release everything, so how are you going to decide it’s time to move from gish to siamese dream, for example? when have you released enough? and would that mean that once you reach zeitgeist (or wherever this ends) that the archive project is over?

there is no point in going through it chronologically, besides maybe some weird ocd some might feel the need to satisfy. and that’s a weak argument. actually, it’s completely irrational, so it probably doesn’t count as an argument.

just go through the material "randomly". with this i mean, not necessarily really randomly, like throwing dice, but make sure all eras get attention regularly. don’t ignore any era for too long. for example, don’t do two years of releasing mcis live recordings. release live recordings from every era throughout the year, and then the next year, you can add more, if there’s still interest in more.