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also, i think your suggestions are a bit over the top. that will never happen. it’s making things too complicated. and i’d be happy with a lot less, personally. just proper cd and vinyl releases, which will be limited anyway, if i understand it correctly, are good enough for me.[/quote:d0doyb76]
I fully disagree with you, Cool. You probably missed the words "short term", "middle term" and "long term", or maybe you don’t know what they imply? Spread these ideas over multiple years, and it’s not over the top anymore. Besides, my ideas I wrote to Frank are for the general market, not for the Cool As Ice Cream market alone… :wink:

i guess you suggest this so that there would be an extra advantage for the people who are in the fan club, but it would be a bad thing for the sales outside of the fan club.[/quote:d0doyb76]
Again, I disagree. Of course that fan club idea can be extended with a direct or even an early FLAC/MP3 download also for the fan club members, as they are willing to pay something anyway. What you call "outside of the fan club" are mostly people that don’t want to pay anything (and they will just catch that illegal download copy somewhere), and there is the average music buyer that checks out the local record store occasionaly, who is surprised by a new Smashing Pumpkins release. And buys it, maybe. For those people it doesn’t matter when it was released, even if that is 3 months after the fan club release. Same story for the innocent web browser that finds some new downloads on (This is almost the same concept as with movies: first in the cinemas, then a few months later available on DVD or Blue Ray, and some months after that you can watch it on TV…)

pisces iscariot 2 & 3 would imply a lot of b-sides (i.e. already released)[/quote:d0doyb76]
Where did I say that? Aren’t we talking about the Archives here? :roll:
Of course I meant the so far unknown studio recordings of new songs here! :lol:

milking the concept, by re-releasing every song on a 7" (with a new, unheard track as b-side, i assume), would create even more redundancy.[/quote:d0doyb76]
Again, I fully disagree. This is not "milking", this is giving a (small, but still profitable I guess) group of vinyl lovers what they want. They are just 1 of the markets for SP. To avoid angry FLAC/MP3/CD lovers I advice not to put new songs on vinyl only.

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