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One thing I really doubt is that this kind of release scheme would be profitable. Unless they make stuff quite expensive, which can be expected for such a small market. But then it would become quite expensive for people like us who would like to collect all releases…[/quote:1axf8aqt]
That’s why I suggested to Frank that they should not get rid of the subscription idea yet…

I just prefer getting as much unheard stuff as possible (live and studio, doesn’t matter). I really like that there are going to be cd and vinyl releases, but surely this will mean we will get less out of the archive than we would have gotten if a lot of stuff would be released digital only.[/quote:1axf8aqt]
I’m with you 100% about what we want, but I do not share your worries immediately. I suggested Frank to do both. Create state-of-the-art physical releases of the best stuff to be found in the Archives (a live box set, Pisces Iscariot II and III on CD, a quarterly or half-yearly 7" vinyl and a 4-5 song EP CD subscription model (way cheaper as 300 bucks!), backed up by digital downloads if wanted), and use the Nugs.NET concept for the rest. Meaning: FLAC/MP3 and CD on demand. Also I suggested that they should start working on a big glossy coffee table book about SP 25 Years, with posters, pictures, inside info, gossips… But at the same time I have asked Frank what they (in fact Billy I guess) actually want to release. Everything? Only the best stuffs? On demand only? Otherwise it is hard to decide what business model works best. But I wonder if I ever get a straight answer to that last question… :wink:

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