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and i would like to hope that billy isn’t trying to make a huge profit on the archive material. if he can make a few extra dollars by letting visa use today, in order for us to be able to have material that we would not otherwise be able to have, i am 100% ok with that.[/quote:239t0eny]
i’m sure he’s not doing this to make profit. in fact, it’s probably impossible to make a profit on this. it already costed him thousands of dollars just to preserve everything in the archive until now. preparing tapes for a release is expensive too. and then releasing, physical or digital, costs quite a lot too. either you have to have servers to download from and set up an online store or a similar system, or you have to press a cd or vinyl in a relatively small amount, which results in quite an expensive product, reducing the profit you can make.

just think about it: how many people will be interested in these archive releases? surely it will be a lot less than say the people who were interested in buying zeitgeist.
if they limit each release to 1,000 or 2,000, for example, they will be forced to ask $25 or so for a cd or 2 cd release. it’s a fair price for a release like that, i think. but if they have 20 releases like that in a year, surely a lot of fans that would be interested will now have to conclude that they can’t spend $500 on smashing pumpkins releases in one year.

maybe 20 releases is too much for one year. i don’t know. i had hoped we would get stuff from the archive very frequently. if not, i hope they make a good selection.

i agree with arthur, the physical releases are very cool, but it would be better if they would combine it with releasing a lot more stuff online. just select some "top" archive releases and release those on cd or vinyl.