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why do i not care about this at all? you’d think i would, but i have no opinion whatsoever.[/quote:1lf4kp5g]
Funny thing is, almost the same with me… Only expressing my worries for digital downloads only here and there lately… But last week I just wanted Frank Quinto to know that I was very dissappointed if the "final decision" was subscription to FLAC/MP3 only, so I send him a short email directly. I mean, his e-mail address is all over the place… Not that I expected to hear anything back though. But fact is, we are emailing back and forth since then. My spirit to (try to) make a little difference in this matter comes from many many many conversations I had over the years with Sven, about how cool it would be if we would ever become the "current Frank Quinto", and had the privilege to be Billy’s advisors in his release policy. After the pre-Gish box failure I feel even more eager to have this thing going… 8)

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