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Ok, I shall speak up, mine is the "happy" tree :) haha, and i totally get what you mean about it being a little too "happy" for SP :) Let me explain a little. Its kinda simple in its theory. The roots of it all are ‘smashing pumpkins’ what they have grown into 20 years of that band. The tree itself is black and white abut what it radiates is amazing colours and light. I wanted to keep it a really simple, even logo-ish image, as that logo also carried through on all of my other passes, t-shirt, flyer etc. In the way that SP have the heart logo (which i put on the tree trunk) i wanted this to be seen as an icon for this time period.

Oh and by the way, I chose that gig to make the poster for as it is my birthday :) hehe.

Anyway, like i said, there are some amazing entries…and now we have to wait. said winners announced 27th Oct! Still a whole week away.[/quote:23i70983]

i did the same… (about that logo idea)
i really like yours and i don’t think it’s too happy for SP ;)