Reply To: 2 New Record Store Day Red Vinyl 7s\" 250 ONLY!

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On Danni wrote:
on the other hand, it seems that the price on ebay has gone up instead of down. there are no (relatively) cheap copies left. even the cheapest copies are over $100 right now.[/quote:2kju63ng]

I guess I’m not in the race anymore. Definately not if it’s going to be around $100.

I can imagine the ones who bought the single for $7 and sold it for $100+ going "Ha! Suckers!"[/quote:2kju63ng]

A buyer bought using BIN for $175 and an auction that ended with bidding around $150. If people are willing to pay that much, I guess it’s no surprise that a seller has now posted a BIN for $400. I doubt they’ll get that but we’ll see soon enough.[/quote:2kju63ng]

Exorbitant price.