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Are you guys proud/happy/etc. to have these? Is this a "special" thingy in your collection? Just curious, as everybody is kinda cool about it…[/quote:mrgt94hj]

As someone who has always been a "numbers" guy in terms of pressing quantity, I would say that these should rank in the area of Grey Tristessa/I Am One Flexi territory. Only 250 copies made each, which makes it extremely limited in terms of the 7" history of the band, which is why I mentioned the Grey Tristessa/I am One Flexi. Plus, with the unexpected nature of release (only 2 locations, with no advance notice), this is pretty cool.

I think these will only increase in value as time goes own, especially if the Teargarden series takes off. Of course, I don’t know how long it will take to release 11 boxsets. At the rate we’ve currently been going, it may be 2020 before it is done…heh.

Personally, I just wish they had spent the extra money and put labels on the 7". They almost look like bootleg productions, but with the 7" pictured in the Teargarden Vol. 1 boxset not having a label either, I guess this is what they decided. At least put "SP" or "Pumpkins" in the run-off groove…heh.

Just my 2 cents.