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Are you guys proud/happy/etc. to have these? Is this a "special" thingy in your collection? Just curious, as everybody is kinda cool about it…[/quote:29gfitrc]

As someone who has always been a "numbers" guy in terms of pressing quantity, I would say that these should rank in the area of Grey Tristessa/I Am One Flexi territory. Only 250 copies made each, which makes it extremely limited in terms of the 7" history of the band, which is why I mentioned the Grey Tristessa/I am One Flexi. Plus, with the unexpected nature of release (only 2 locations, with no advance notice), this is pretty cool.

I think these will only increase in value as time goes own, especially if the Teargarden series takes off. Of course, I don’t know how long it will take to release 11 boxsets. At the rate we’ve currently been going, it may be 2020 before it is done…heh.

Personally, I just wish they had spent the extra money and put labels on the 7". They almost look like bootleg productions, but with the 7" pictured in the Teargarden Vol. 1 boxset not having a label either, I guess this is what they decided. At least put "SP" or "Pumpkins" in the run-off groove…heh.

Just my 2 cents.[/quote:29gfitrc]

while i do agree on the inherent rarity aspect of these releases, i think there’s quite a difference when comparing these new releases to rarities like the grey Tristessa and the I Am One flexi in terms of collecting value.
the market for TSP has somewhat collapsed since the break-up and current reformation of ‘the band’, coupled with the contemporary status of the band featuring only BC from the original line-up, and considering the impact and musical/productional quality of the recent material.
TSP used to be in the limelight and the collectors market reflected the mainstream popularity of the band in quite high prices for the really rare items.
the market for the non die-hard collector has since slowed down i feel. even the die-hard collector of days past, quite often doesn’t follow the band nowaays in and with everything now released. not only does time move on, people also judge on the current material.
therefore i believe the early rarities will always remain in higher regard and thus in higher value than these two very rare and quite surprising vinyl releases.
of course only time will tell and a 250 only release by the name TSP will be a valuable item for sure, it’s just that i feel the infamous tracks like Tristessa or I Am One will win any day over the recent material, also in terms of collectors value.
having said this; the availability of the older gems is quite lower than these in the current markets. the early ones are secured by collectors now. collectors really needing to keep their collections up to date will pay top dollar now and snatch up their copies. i just don’t believe this will be reflected in a long term quite high value.