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I’m with you, glassonglass, it can still be considered a kinda underground thingy in this non-vinyl era, so hardcore vinyl collectors will always consider this as a rare and valuable item, I guess. And it is already reaching the I Am One 7" collectors’ prices, in just a few days… But if those prices stand long term, I don’t know.

At least we can say, we are all surprised by this move, and most are pleasantly surprised![/quote:37c7hz4z]


the current high prices on auction are just a matter of people missing out on the initial release snatching up any copy hitting the market. as there’s no exclusive material there and since it is not one of the highlight releases as per the inherent song material and as those things do matter to and for vinyl collectors and collectors per se the limited amount pressed will be and remain an important factor/issue, still it’s mostly an oddity release when compared to a debut release 7" or a release on an imprint like Sub Pop. don’t forget the value per se of the name TSP has markedly decreased over the last years, also and mostly reflected in the values for the post-reunion items.

we’ll see what happens. considering collectors interest in other bands i’ve seen marked interest in the long run for older and baseline important releases when compared to much rarer releases from an era considered to be of lower artistic quality. for example: for Nine Inch Nails all and everything around The Downward Spiral and The Fragile era’s is quite sought after, while prior and most markedly after, the values drop quite dramatically.

i also mean: the marketplace is not totally blind or stupid as to look to the limited edition factor only. you could release a fart by BC on a super limited 7", but would it fetch any high prices? there’s still a lot of value in the musical content itself. i’d be very surprised if the long term value of these 7" will remain to top USD 100.