Reply To: Billy’s married? True or not true?

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On luxe wrote:
he could be lying

billy could be lying, preferring to keep it on the quiet/unconfirmed side.

i doubt it though. i really, really doubt it :lol:

so yeah, case closed :)[/quote:xp41seom]

well, if he wanted it to be quiet than why is he letting her make a ton of websites about their marriage, posting details of the relationship on her so called wedding journal?? I agree with you, I highly doubt he’s lying..[/quote:xp41seom]

No, no Superlordspamulon, don’t put the doubt back into my head!! :D I so believe that he is single. I guess if he was being quiet about it, I’d be pretty ticked if I was the girl he married. I wouldn’t want to be that much of a secret.

My gut says that he’d freely admit it, as he has always done in the past. . but like you said, no one ever really knows. . .

Okay, one of us girls has got to get a date w/ him. :lol: