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On amnesia wrote:
Bought another copy of Stitch and Planes, got it for 50$

Looks like 75 – 100 $ are what ppl are willing to pay for them.
Watching all of them on ebay, so we know what they are worth[/quote:17uprk7t]
they were $7 at the record store, if i’m not mistaken.

i’m sure the price will drop further, if you already found one for $50.
i’ve heard these didn’t even sell out in one day.[/quote:17uprk7t]

Here is a pointless research

Yesterday morning i seached for what i could find about red vinyls.
At that time they there were 75 $ 85 $ 100 $ buy now offers on the LA vinyl.One went for a 100$, one for 85 and 3 for 75 ( I bought one for 75) at that moment it was the cheapest buy now.
Later that day, 2 other copies of the LA vinyl popped up for 50$, both were gone within 10 min, also buy now. … K:MEWAX:IT … K:MEWAX:IT

Those 2 auction above ended late, one went for 65 and one went for 80

There is still 2 buy now offers for 75 $

So actually the cheapest copies went for 50 $ of the LA vinyl (So far), but there is like 6 of those left on ebay still, and it seems like everybody from the LA store listed there vinyl on ebay. :roll:

However the Chicago vinyl, ive only seen very few copies, there 2 on ebay atm, the cheapest so far is the one EAZYE bought for 55 $

But yeah Bram, Seem like all those LA vinyl will drop fast in price if ppl keep power posting auctions on ebay

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