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Nice to see you back, Arthur. 8)[/quote:1ogszlql]
Yeah, feels good, really. Last week that pretty cool 1991 live recordings, now this fucking rare poster.

Little update on my life, hope you don’t mind… Wrong thread, I know, but I don’t want to make it a big thingy. And since nobody reads this thread anyway… :wink: Few days ago, that Bank that is chasing my ass for quite a big amount of money, and even found a judge that verdict me for little over 50% of that amount, that same Bank called my lawyer and announced that they want to call it a shot. Stop the lawsuit against me. Since they sold the properties from the bankruptcy case of my ex-business partner, and even made a little profit (though not all intrest of the mortgage was paid off). To cut a long story short, my lawyer told them that they now should pay me a big penalty for this useless case, and gave them 6 weeks to think about it and come up with a deal.

No party yet, though!

It can go here, there and everywhere still, but AT LEAST I don’t have to pay 525,000 US$ (where the Bank put me in court for) or 275,000 US$ (what the judge said I should pay, which I did not agree on, and went into Appeal for) anymore. So it feels like a turning point again. 8)

Second thing, we are doing better with our company. Many projects came in lately, and I start hearing rumours that all salary cuts will be paid back with a little intrest, and all my bonus money that wasn’t paid also last 6-7 months, will be paid in January or February next year. Believe me, that is substantial money altogether. So yeah, from dark clouds and rain, back to a little sunshine now. :)

So I thought, let’s have a little treat. That poster that Peppe pointed out to us (thanks again, bro!) came on the right moment, I guess. I have to wait for next year February/March to be fully back in business though, but hell, this is already very nice. 8)

Thanks for reading, guys. Thanks for being my online friends here. Hats off to you. The gift you send me about half a year ago (the BBC disc) was a big thingy for me, and your neverending sillyness here also. :P

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."