Reply To: What is the latest Pumpkins related item you bought?

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On Arthur wrote:

i want arthurs TAFH award.[/quote:2lhprnsp]
That sounds like I should be vey scared from now on. You send a Killer Squad to pick it up, whatever I might say of that? :wink:

Hehe. But yeah, it’s a cool item. I’m trying not to brag too much about my stufs, but that TAFH award is one of my top 10 items, that’s for sure.

The ones I see in Kerry’s studio are plucked right from my dreams.[/quote:2lhprnsp]
I’m with you, let’s drool together. 8)

I could never afford it though. And I want to focus on the CDs, like test pressings and rare inhouse promos. So no more awards for me. :cry:

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