Reply To: What is the latest Pumpkins related item you bought?

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On buiopesto wrote:
I just purchased a rotten apples french DELABEL acetate-on the way-never seen one,or either found here on spfreaks-but i might probably make a better search..-
i’ll scan smthing as soon as it arrives.
ps.arthur could you please contact me?got some pics of some stuff u may want to upload to yr website since they dont seem to be on sp freaks.

You actually bought half an item (missing the judas O disc)


hmm…probably u’re right-checked the item on spfreaks-but i woudn’t be 100% sure,as not all the rotten apples HUT acetate come with their judas 0 companion,so this could be the same with DELABEL acetate.
just a supposition,anyway.
would be nice to hear somebody else on that too.