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jebus, arthur, that’s a huge debt. where did it come from?[/quote:3p1m9wfl]
Wanna know the whole story in a nut shell?

1994, I helped a friend buying a house and some land, I guaranteed for 33.750 dutch guilders on a total buy of 650.000 dutch guilders.
1995, we decided to make a business of it, by accident/mistake I signed a debt paper of 375.000 (instead of 33.750). The notary never send me a copy of that contract. I did not become owner of the property.
Summer 1997 I left the business, the bank was notified but never came back to me that still a paper needed to be taken care of.
1999 my ex-business partner stopped paying the mortgage.
2000 my ex-business partner went bankrupt.
2001 I called the bank to ask them stop sending me post that they suddenly send by accident, they promised to do so, and they did.
2004 the bank called me, saying they found a paper with my signature that I had to pay 375.000. I said I had nothing to do with it anymore since 1997. Bank says I still own the stuffs, but that lie was quickly uncovered.
2006 the bank tried again with me, but my lawyer pushed them away.
2008 suddenly the bank decides to put me into court for 375.000 mortgage + 350.000 intrest.
April 2009 the judge says I have to pay 375.000 mortgage (= 170.000 Euro) + legal costs of 20.000 Euro, but no intrest.

His motivation: the case was not "aged" since the aging term starts in 2000 (ex-business partner went bankrupt), and was ended in 2004 when the bank first contacted me. Aging term in NL is 5 years… But I didn’t have to pay the intrest he said, as the deal in the bankruptcy case of my ex-business partner was: no intrest calculation during bankruptcy period. So I profit from that intrest deal, but strangely I do not profit from the deal in the bankruptcy case that the bank is willing to wait for the sale of the property and only then the bank can claim the mortgage damage, if there is!

And now the guys of the bank are chasing my ass with this verdict in their hands, that they want 190.000 Euro right now, which I do not have of course. After several years of taking loans for paying my lawyer I cannot take any further loans anymore, so I have to start doing paybacks of my loan now. But I still have to pay for the appeal also… Meanwhile, because of the economy crisis, in just a few months my nett salary dropped around 35%.

Here you go… unfair as hell, but it’s my reality of today. From happy guy to survival mode in just a few months… :roll:

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."