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when did you realize you signed the wrong amount?[/quote:3li75eis]
Actually only recently, when we did further research after the verdict in April. We are going to use this new material in appeal, I’m quite sure. Thing is, in 2004, 2006, 2008 when we did research on this old case of 1994/1995 not all papers were found/handed over to me/my lawyer, and we focused on the existing paper that clearly said 375.000 with my signature, so we cannot deny it’s existence. Remember, when you do a real estate business deal including land, bycicle shop, huge bungalow and goods, you have to sign like 20 papers. This was one of them, and afterwards the notary send me all copies, except this one.

Then the main focus is first: prove I legally left the company in July 1997 so the debts went to my ex-business partner, and prove it has been "aged" after that date. Also prove that the bankruptcy deals made by the bank and the curator of my ex-business partner in 2000 (no intrest, no payback of mortgage, only after the sales of the property) should apply to me also.

We got a tip from another lawyer that we should also look into even older history of 1994, how all guarantees were setup for the total deal. How the bank could allow me to sign for such a huge debt while I had a good, but normal job with a salary that only allowed me to sign for 1/10 of that debt. Then we found papers from my old employer (who co-signed for me) and we found a copy of a letter to the bank, but to another office, not being the head office of this bank. Did I still know all this after so many years? No… unfortunately not. You think the curator or the bank is helpful to me/my lawyer to hand over papers when we ask for them? Of course not… But we finally found them, and maybe they will be useful in appeal.

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