Reply To: Billy’s married? True or not true?

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I leave the comments up to you as I’m getting very sarcastic about this. :P[/quote:1mi1wyyf] ah come on, sarcastic criticism is fun![/quote:1mi1wyyf]

I can’t believe her. She is really out there. Maybe a lobotomy would help?? Are those still legal?

I hate to say this but me, the most skeptic about Veronica Grey, is almost convinced by this ad on Craig’s list. I really do not believe it’s true but who has enough smarts to put up posts in places like this to make her story be legit? I’m dumbfounded by her audacity.

As for the IMDB site, I saw it posted right when she first added herself to the list. I had checked the site out initially when I started hearing about her. She wasn’t listed. When she first got listed it said "info posted by fyschy", or something like that and was word for word as what is listed on her website, so I am sure she entered the info. herself. Give me a break!

I wish Billy would just say something simple on this matter.