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I don’t know that story? Tell us please?[/quote:3q7dp855] well… dimebag darrel was the phenomenal guitarist for pantera (generally regarded the greatest metal guitarist of the 90’s), however pantera split up sometime ago, and dimebag and one of the others from pantera formed a new band – damageplan
at one of the damageplan gigs (on december 16th i think) a crazed pantera fan managed to get onstage, and shot darrel twice – once in the stomach and once in the head (i believe)
dimebag darrel died either onsite or in the ambulance on the way to the hospital
they believe the fan was ridiculously distraught over pantera’s break up…

but the metal world mourned severly over dimebag… he’s been an inspiration to sooo many musicians, metal or not.

avenged sevenfold even have a song dedicated to the memory of dimebag, and lyrically it questions why anyone would kill someone that meant so much to them
here’s a fan-vid of the song

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