Reply To: Billy’s married? True or not true?

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so me and this veronica have been exchaning emails.. this is her reply to when i asked if she could send me pics of her and billy:

Veronica Grey-Corgan to me

My Laptop was Left in Chicago.
Can’t send Pics from Crackberry ;)

Have You Been to / Heard of
The Virgin River in Utah?

It’s Magical, like Us.

Thanks for Asking :)


That’s funny – when this news first came out, I emailed her too pretending like I was happy for them and when I asked where we could find pictures or hear Billy say something about their marriage she was totally evasive like above.

I think she’s beyond stalking and for all we know maybe he has done something about it. Restraining orders are not worth a damn in the US. . the person has to literally violate them for it to work. . but maybe he’s filed one anyway and is just keeping mum about it??