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I wish Billy would just say something simple on this matter.


I wish he would too. That’d be a simple way to put this whole thing to rest and in fact i’m surprised that he hasn’t because I know he’s heard about it all.[/quote:25g63scu]

how do you know he knows this story?[/quote:25g63scu]

I wanted to know as well — has he made a statement about it?

My take is he knows her, he’s probably used to fans doing all sorts of crazy things (maybe even like this but under the radar) and also think he’s a nice guy and doesn’t want to totally crush her. If they are truly married I will feel very different about Billy because I believe she is a total narcissist and I can’t believe he’d be interested in anyone who flaunts the fame of their significant other.

Also, if he is telepathically speaking to her and the band, as she claims – -then I am going to really wonder if he’s all there, too. But I am pretty sure he is quite intelligent and not mentally off.

I did some checking about the IMDB pages and anyone can submit an actor to the site and it’s a lot like Wikipedia, they try and verify stuff but mostly leave it up to users to point out corrections, etc. So that means she just entered her own stuff and no one but us rabid Pumpkins fans even bothered to look her up on that site.

I *loved* the video w/ him and Courtney. He was totally shy about their sexual past. I also loved the one of him as a kid making a "sequel" to Aliens.

I’d love to know if he’s acknowledged this subject — so SNC, let us know!! You’ve given us lots of good info!