Reply To: Billy’s married? True or not true?

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On Pipoka wrote:
i read somewhere that he really knows her personally, so i think that he doesn’t want to say something that will put him in an uncomfortable position towards her.[/quote:lku0k3cr] well… it depends on where you read it… what was the source? do you know if it’s credible or not? etc. we don’t want to be leaping into conclusions if all we’ve heard are rumours :)[/quote:lku0k3cr]

yes, of course. it’s just my supposition based in one fan information.
besides, we all use a nickname, and we can know for sure who is behind it, so… rumours, is all we are talking about! :roll:

By the way, i’m a fan from the other side of the atlantic ocean (portugal) :P So forgive me for my english when i don’t express myself correctly ok?