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Thanks for the info, ladyn.

I smell bullshit because Fysche seems to have several different versions of her stories, none of which add up. Interesting that she and a friend created the wedding journal, if I read your last post correctly.

I suspect that Billy is staying quiet because he doesn’t want to play into her game. Sometimes not giving someone the attention they demand is a good way to prevent things from getting out of control. Of course, I’m only speculating. It’s scary that she’s been following him since the Zwan days without any action being taken against her by Billy or band management. I wonder if they think of her as that "crazy but harmless woman that’s in love with Billy"?[/quote:1rl2rr04]

there are other crazy fans too out there that they don’t do much with either…so I don’t know, it would be very smart to keep her a far distance from the band, although she was at a lot of the asheville shows, but that was before the whole marriage rumors started… and the whole wedding journal is that I think VG wrote it and had help from her internet friend put it up or maybe type it up on the net for her. She gives thanks to this woman for her help.