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New Arrivals[/quote:111q98nj]

at what time (and in what timezone) did you order this from their website?[/quote:111q98nj]

I posted the link at 7:01PM EST on 4/18 so my best guess is that I sent my order around 6:30PM EST on 4/18.

I just got my confirmation e-mail that the record shipped. So take that for what it is. Likely everyone who put their order in before they took it off of the website will get theirs.[/quote:111q98nj]
i haven’t received a confirmation mail.

so you ordered 7pm (some USA timezone) on sunday evening?
i ordered just after midnight (saturday to sunday) central european time.[/quote:111q98nj]

Guess they dont ship to Europe, or they dont give a fuck.

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