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i bought an old almanac from burdock blood bitters. the picture on the front is the inspiration for the bullet with butterfly wings artwork. i might make a new thread about this when i have some more time. i mean, it’s nothing new (*), really, but i hadn’t heard about it, and it’s mildly interesting.

*: it’s already mentioned in the faq, although not 100% correct:

Bullet with Butterfly Wings insert – from an advertisement in the 1800s
for some sort of youth potion called, "Brittle’s Blood Bitters".

(googled) picture of the almanac for 1886:

as said before: awesome find!!!—

i’m wondering:
i’m curious:

how did you find THIS particular almanac…?
this one-
with this picture(s)???-

i’ll readily admit:
my research is and was ‘song’-based—
so i never invested time nor effort herein!—

damn!: i just never would have thought to find this presented so splendidly-
even: possible, per my collection :)

great stuff!-
care to share how you came across the information as to this very title and edition and all?


cheers. sven.