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I finally received the CD today. And, it’s fucking red! The only difference I can find is the second IFPI # is different. Here are the codes on the CD:


I can find info on L012 quite easily, but the 2M01 is throwing me off. Can anyone pinpoint this origin of manufacture and why this CD might be red and not black like all the rest?
Have you some pictures of the CD and the matrix code? Is the Mould IFPI "IFPI 2M01" pressed into the plastic near the inner ring?
[*:13f9ttve] LBR IFPI (mastering IFPI): IFPI L012 = Warner, CD was mastered in Germany by Warner[/*:m:13f9ttve]
[*:13f9ttve] Mould IFPI: IFPI 2M01
I’ve done a quick Google-Search for "IFPI 2M" (last two digits identify only the specific mould which pressed the disc, so not relevant for the search).

Search results points to Thailand:

MPO Asia Co.Ltd. / IFPI 2M**[/*:m:13f9ttve][/list:u:13f9ttve]
So the CD-Master was manufactured in Germany, and the CD was (perhaps) pressed in Thailand?
Hmmm, not sure about that. EDIT:
ahh, pictures already uploded:
Matrix-Codes looks like a German-Release, only the "IFPI 2M01 is little bit strange. Perhaps an error at the pressing plant?