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it was a coincidence. i can’t remember what it was exactly, but i was searching some small pumpkins related bit of info on google, and i ended up on a website with smashing pumpkins "easter eggs". this was one of them. so i started looking for "blood bitters" on google and ended up finding this one, and for sale, even.
if i’m not mistaken, this is the site i stumbled upon. the creator speaks spanish, or something.

it still hasn’t arrived though. i hope it will arrive soon.
the link to where i found it, with huge scans of the almanac: … d=23752134

here’s a blog post by someone who did some research about burdock blood bitters, because he found a small and old bottle. it’s an interesting read. … tters.html

and thanks for posting about this again, ’cause it made me search a bit deeper, and i found this nice postcard on ebay. this postcard is probably where the artwork comes from (and not the almanac). according to the "easter egg" website, you can still read "burdock blood bitters" in the corner of paper that’s turned over, on the bwbw artwork, if you focus on the blue dots. (i’ve checked this, but i don’t see it…)

thanks for the info!-
awesome finds!- so so so: very very very COOL!!!—

you’re welcome in me posting about this :)

congrats on the Tristessa 7" :)