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Thats one fucked up place you work Blue. :([/quote:3g4tvnbq]

fuck yeah, and another story coming right at you Pip… ;)

we just had two super wasted chicks in. the one checking in was in the system under two names and she barely knew her own info. they were so nasty and they were just laughing and having a good time over i don’t know what. and the one was barefoot and they both smelled like booze and were filthy. and the one kept calling my necklace "magic beads." and they called the security gaurd an asshole and were running a program. they were a total freak show. money says security throws them out. holy fuck. :roll: when they walked up to check in they were even waving there arms like it was a party. :roll: they are fucked up.

and earlier someone was smoking pot on the lot and someone is keeps putting grafitti in one of the bathrooms.

the people here are so fucked up. its kind of amusing, but its so messed up. :roll: :wink: