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I’m presuming they all were pressed in the UK because the matrixcode MASTERED BY NIMBUS and EMI JAX both indicate that. Do you agree?[/quote:vuw5g9t9]

Actually, according to [url:vuw5g9t9][/url:vuw5g9t9] EMI JAX is in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. I’m torn about Nimbus – they are definitely a UK company, but if we think that all \"MASTERED BY NIMBUS\" CDs are from the UK then we have to assume that 1st pressing US Gish ([url:vuw5g9t9][/url:vuw5g9t9]) was also made in England, which seems possible but unlikely. I’ll try and do some research about Caroline/Virgin/Nimbus soon.

At first I was thinking the US first pressing was a UK pressing AND UK release, as it might had something to do with changing labels in 1991 (from Caroline to Virgin) and I think I remember some CDs or vinyl needed to be repressed under the new label (Gish?) but I couldn’t find it back on such short notice. Maybe 1 of you knows what I mean… For the moment I leave it like it is now, until we know more. Agree?[/quote:vuw5g9t9]

I agree that the 1st two should be left as-is for now, but I think the US second pressing is entirely a US release.