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I just picked this up:


I hope it is as rare as our site says.[/quote:3taphvg2]
very impressive. i had never heard about this misprint.

do you think it’s easy to fake/emulate this misprint if you have the normal 7"?
i personally don’t think it is, but i wonder what your opinion is.[/quote:3taphvg2]

It’s incredibly easy to do. There’s a special tool to do it. Most jukeboxes run on 7"s with large holes like that so to play a normal 7" you have to stamp out the centre.[/quote:3taphvg2]

I’m with Thom here. It’s very easy to punch out the centre to make this.
I’m honestly quite curious to hear where the story from the pressing plant pressing numbers comes from.

I’d say there’s nothing too special about this. Maybe just a curio…