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just curious- is that a vampire in your sig rose? :wink: looks like one[/quote:20h75xk5]
I am freaked out by vampires…I have a hard time watching a movie that has vamps in it…It goes back to my childhood. Ever since I can remember I have been afraid of them-nightmares of them chasing me…
and then Billy went through his vampire stage and it literally freaked me out… I’m not so bad anymore, but still freaked out enough…[/quote:20h75xk5]

i’m the opposite. i always loved vampire stuff- movies, shows, books, etc. i even have this "Itsy Bitsy Vampire" drawing i made on the wall by my bed (basically a husky baby dracula with the cape and a hostess cupcake- a bit silly, but cute and i guess it works with my artsy strange eclectic decor). hell i even bought a couple vampire halloween decorations a couple days ago. i looove halloween.

i always liked all things that go bump in the night though- vamps, spooks, bats, munsters, etc. i guess i’m weird like that.

oh, and i love Nosferatu Billy. :P this one of my all time fave vids.