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Just wondering… those professionally recorded live shows, are they all on cassettes? And not handed over to Billy in a digital way like DAT tapes or CD-Rs? My wild guess would be that cassettes were only used for the first 5-8 years (demo tapes, few commercial tapes, live tapes, and occasionally for rehearsal tapes and tapes for the fan community in later years also). Or were most/all live shows up to the last show in 2000 also recorded (only) on cassettes? Hard to believe… But I’m no real insider in that world, so I wouldn’t know, actually.[/quote:1d1p0efa]


from Melkweg 95 i know for sure it was all ADAT multichannel recording for all shows. it’s a massive, really MASSIVE amount of hard discs somewhere in a vault…!!

i believe the SD-tour might have some selected shows on ADAT too. maybe for reference on tape.

prior it’s all tape.

in studio recordings such as jams are all on tape until around Adore when Bjorn comes along.
he burned the recordings to CDR for BC.

with Flood and Moulder he used to drive around in his car following the MCIS recording sessions and listen to cassettes.