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…hahaha found rivers and della´s,too!
but what happened to the rules? you know? not to submit until it´s done?
i know i sumbitted my poster on my sites, too…but after they posted it here…
can we submitt our stuff now? no disqualify if we do?

I thought it said not to submit the images in full to the forum. When I asked if we could submit our art to our own websites, they said yes, it’s our art.

I don’t know if it got lost in translation what I was asking, or their answer… or if it’s all fine and dandy. I figured it’s okay to submit after the contest’s deadline. If the judges are being good they won’t look around to find our entries if we’ve posted them on our personal art site.

Either way, even if they know WHO submitted it, I have faith that they will choose the best one for the Pumpkins.