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Of course we have all the Smashing Pumpkins lyrics on SPfreaks, but not yet in 1 easy page. On our place you have to click on a track when you research a release. You will then be directed to a info page about the track, including lyrics and every release that it is available on. Quite handy for some, but a hassle to others.

However, our friends at have them all here, for every Pumpkins song and every related band/sideproject: … g_display=

And Wikipedia has them also for Pumpkins only.[/quote:woh9aig9]

ah… SPFC… i used them to root up M2 lyrics for my little project… creating lyric booklets and stuff for all the M2 album/ep’s. turned out quite well :) even got the font used on machina2 (the only use i’ve found for netphoria yet :lol: )

So apparently I don't post very often these days