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Remember how everyone thinks The Black Sessions is nothing more than an elaborate FR bootleg? Well I was perusing the Radiohead discography and found this promo from their collection, from France.


if it WERE to be REAL…

why include obvious spelling errors in the song titles???


why TWICE include ‘Creep’ on this EP???

‘The Black Sessions’ are cool.
These are heavily bootlegged. Were. Have been. Are. Remains the case.

Logo’s on a disc don’t mean ‘shit’…
Anyone can copy these unto a disc.

There have been really BAD examples of FAKE ‘Earphoria’ cds and there have been some reasonably GOOD examples.
For even more valuable releases (some vinyl singles even, for example: by Nirvana!!!) some got really close to the original.

Then there’s the point of a non-commercial EVER released cd, but owowow… !!!!
There’s a really really really rare PROMO out there!
Even easier, much easier!

The ones for: The Smashing Pumpkins: FAKE / BOOTLEG!
The Radiohead one: FAKE / BOOTLEG!

All of this can be traced and researched back to the source.
There IS no source for these things.
Other than the broadcast and some people trying to make a quick buck off of some collectors.