Reply To: Corgan re-re-reannounces releases from the Pumpkins vault

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But now in cooperation with EMI? Hmmm… Found in a recent (May 25th) interview on Beatweek.

"Are you trying to change the way music is distributed in general, or is this just a personal choice?

I have given up on the old music business. If anyone else wants to work within that system I can understand why. I am not fighting any causes for this kind of thing because history shows me that no one really cares too much about the business side. Fans just want exciting music and I agree with them that that is the most important thing. That said, I am in talks with the Pumpkins old label EMI to release a lot of unreleased materials and I really sense that they are ready to work with me to create a new way to put fans and my music together that takes care of everybody. So I am encouraged by that."

I’m a rather patient Smashing Pumpkins fan in general, but now I’m like: first see, then believe… I’m, as usual, looking forward to it anyway, of course. :)[/quote:vwgqpm2s]

Billy posted on Twitter yesterday:

"Small SP archive project update: had meetings today about progress on transfer of pre-Gish live tapes + also completion of Chicago Kid album"