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I think this listing should be split up into two different ones: a UK version (HUTCD43) and a US version (HUT 43). These are CLEARLY different.

I think the UK one came out first as an import to the states, and then they reissued the US version due to popular demand.

Thoughts? If we are in agreement, I’ll change it in the database.[/quote:3flzerpm]

i’d say: update the database… :)

indeed: the UK-singles re-released in the US.

technically and basically making these: a different release.

i’d never noticed the marked difference in appearance: thanks for pointing this out!

this is what SPFC has to say on this release: … scog_id=14

the same applies to the singles for: Cherub Rock and Today by the way: also re-released in the US, following the initial UK release.