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Melissa, the Zwan members (included just because), Lisa, etc?

I heard Melissa was actally good, but I’ve still yet to own anything or hear anything she’s ever written. I feel like just because these people were in the Smashing Pumpkins, I don’t really care what they do after they leave. I have no interest in Lisa’s new Jazz album, who cares?

Even former official members, James and Jimmy. I honestly don’t give two hoots about their solo albums. I semi enjoyed Iha’s Be Strong Now, as it was a temporary departure from the Pumpkins. Lately, members are leaving and never coming back, to do something different than be a Pumpkin. I don’t know if I’m making any sense here, but bottom line I guess is that it’s always been about Billy Corgan for me. He’s always been the main driving force behind the band.

The only thing that scares me a little is Billy without Jimmy. He’s done it before, to great critical success with Adore, but I wonder if that was a fluke. And Billy has done a solo album which I find tremendously enjoyable, but I don’t want Smashing Pumpkins to sound like that.

Nor do I want more American Gothic acoustic happy shit. I guess I’m hard to please, it would seem I can’t win. I just hope Billy is able to succeed on his own, a part of me feels sorry for him, like all his friends turned their backs on him and he doesn’t know why. I’ve had that happen to me before and the feeling is horrible.

But back on track, if you’re not in the Pumpkins or coming back, go to hell. :lol:[/quote:v3fbh4ag]

I pretty much am in agreement with this.

I feel, as you, that SP = BC. Everyone else are contributors and/or along for the ride.

I would take exception to your comment about Adore possibly being a fluke. A tthe time, after his mother died, he made a very emotional, personal album. Which is a very deep album that requires dozens of listening attempts to fully appreciate, in my opinion. Could he do it again? Absolutely. But if you look at some of the recent stuff FOL, GLOW, etc., I don’t think he will go down an "Adore" road for a new album.

Some of the American Gothic stuff is good and remember, anything acoustic can always be turned electric live, so there is hope there.

As for me, I’ve only followed Zwan (who I liked a lot and hope that some more rarities come out down the road) and Billy’s solo album, TFE, which is good. When you state that you don’t want the Pumpkins to sound like that, you could argue that Eye and Saturnine were very close to the TFE framework.

But at the end of the day, SP is a rock band and Billy seems to want to continue to rock. As long as he does, then I’m happy and content.

Finally, on a side note, I personally thought that Iha’s LICD was one of the worst albums ever made….EVER. I thought I was listening to something from TIME LIFE’s AM GOLD series. Not only can he not sing (hello Willam "She Bangs" Hung), but the fact he chose to essentially make a 70’s love/peace album for his 1st solo record was baffling to me. That was the quickest tirp I’ve made to sell a cd back after buying it ever. If someone gave me that CD or vinyl today, you’d see me recycle it for toliet paper. ;)


Nice toilet paper remark. LOL.

My fingers are crossed for Billy Corgan. I just hope he knows he still has a following and love from his fans, even though it may seem his band is crashing down upon him again. It’s just the Smashing Pumpkins way I guess, and it’s always been up to BC to make the best of it. He’s done a good job so far, so I wish him the best and hope to rock out soon enough.

UNLESS, he does more stripped down acoustic like for the tonight, tonight b-sides or pre-gish material. for some reason, I really like that kind of sound/groove.

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