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My problem with this scenario is, if a bootlegger had a genuine copy (he must have had one, to get so close to the original copy, don’t you think so?), then why didn’t he just copy the artwork as is?[/quote:9lpn06t8]
that’s a good question. i wondered the same thing.

maybe the bootlegger didn’t have a copy, or not the complete thing. for example: he only had the audio and a scan of the front insert. maybe he even found these online.
so he had to recreate the back insert. (maybe he had seen the back, or he had seen a picture of it, but he didn’t have a good scan, so he couldn’t really use the picture.)

it would be interesting to have an audio rip of the second version. if the bootlegger got the audio online, as mp3s, we would be able to detect that and close this case for good.

right now i agree that it’s still open, but i’m still leaning towards bootleg. the fact that this one showed up only in 2007 is also a bit suspicious, in my opinion.