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All Caroline LPs from 91 are manufactured in Germany.[/quote:2mpnm2e9]

The KR one was manufactured in Germany?

The LPs sold in the US from 91 with the Caroline barcode sticker are technically NOT a German import. These were made in Germany, but sold through the US label Caroline. These LPs were just made in Germany. These LPs were not released by Caroline Germany to be exact.[/quote:2mpnm2e9]

I disagree. The only reason I disagree is for one reason: there are two distinct barcodes. If the initial Gish was pressed in Germany with the intent of being released in the US and NOT Germany, then why didn’t they put the US barcode on it when it was pressed? Because, it’s a German release. And when it is/was sold in the US, they imported it from Germany and put a US barcode sticker over it. If it was just pressed in Germany, and always intended to be imported to the US, there is no reason to have two barcodes.

As far as I know all sleeves are the same for the original pressings and the remastered ones; the re-issue as a gatefold sleeve.[/quote:2mpnm2e9]

Agree, I don’t know of any gate-fold 90s era Gish sleeves.

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