Reply To: How Many 1991 Gish Vinyl Versions Exist?

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On Sven wrote:
There was no physical US pressing in 91.
The 91 Caroline LPs were made in Germany because it was the cheapest way to go.
In 91 it took HUT a couple of months (till August i think) to press the LP in the UK.

Gish on vinyl:
91 Caroline Records US (manufactured in Germany)
91 HUT Records UK (manufactured in the UK)[/quote:337zjn52]
so you’re saying that every copy of the album in the US was a german CARLP16. (and never a HUTLP2.) right?

this is how i heard the story went: the first copies of gish were pressed in germany. CARLP16. but then, for whatever reason – i think the pumpkins moving to/signing with HUT – this changed, and they stopped pressing the german one, and started pressing the UK Hut one. (related to this change, i thought: their repeated rescheduling of the promo tour in the UK, see also the changing dates on the i am one flexi.)
i always assumed that after this change, the US started seeing Hut copies.
it does make sense though that the promo copies were German Caroline ones: the Hut pressing didn’t exist at the time the promos were given out.

an example of this move from germany to the uk: i have a copy of gish that has a Hut record, and a Hut outer sleeve, but still has a Caroline inner sleeve. The code CARLP16 in one of the corners of the inner sleeve is blacked out. unless someone has been messing with different copies, which seems highly unlikely to me, this shows that Hut used the leftover inner sleeves from the caroline pressing.

what do you think?[/quote:337zjn52]

possible yes that the initial US run was pressed in Germany. subsequent ones might have been UK pressings. even with Caroline sleeves that is yep.