Reply To: How To Grade & Value Smashing Pumpkins 7\" vinyl rarities?

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PS this Pet Shop Boys 7" is on sale on for US$ 5,050.00. I wonder if any Pumpkins 7" will ever reach such prices.[/quote:3sggtpuo] seeing as i’ve never heard of them before, i’ll say yes :) if a band i don’t knwo can do, dammit, pumpkins can!
and the rating thing is a good idea. unfortuanately, i am no collector, but it would give me an idea on how best to keep my vinyls etc.
plus, if i ever bump into a rare SP vinyl anywhere, i won’t be juped into paying too much for it :wink: (although, with ebay as it is, the random market encounter seems less likely than ever :( )

So apparently I don't post very often these days