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huh? i always thought jackie blue was only on 1 official cd, but spfreaks here they list even 3! wow! this website surprises me almost every day… few more cd’s to look for :roll: [/quote:1zywpipx]
Haha, you found 1 of those many "hidden" treasures of SPfreaks, the reason why we set this up. This Jackie Blue thing actually comes from my personal collection. 1 is from the commonly known cd 20 Explosions, the other 1 from a re-release that was deleted (if I’m right) and the last 1 is an Italian release that is hardly found, maybe even Billy Corgan and/or his legal people doesn’t know about it. Just guessing here of course, but I remember Billy Corgan saying he didn’t want the re-release of Jackie Blue. Maybe other people know a bit more about this story?

By the way, don’t blame the other websites for missing out on things (I read your other post about Tarantula too somewhere on this forum), because on other things they know & publish so much more, which we don’t have or know. For example the tracks played at concerts in the Tour & Recording History, we are far from complete on that part. Every website has it’s own philosophy and/or database limits. So it’s always best to check all sources. But of course I’m glad you like this website, and the effort we (the SPfreaks team of 4 people, with lots of help from many people on the Hall Of Fame) take in maintaining and completing this.

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