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in the mean time, what’s everyone’s take on the other points i touched?

Also, have you noticed how next to track 5 (the radio edit), it says "for cd-single use only, at rabbit in the moon’s request"? What is meant by that? What other uses could they have considered, besides cd-single use? I’ve noticed this track is also available on several vinyl releases, so I guess that’s not what they meant.

And while we’re on the topic of TEITBITE remixes, I think this 3-track cd-r release should also have its title changed to "The End Is The Beginning Is The End (Remixes By Rabbit In The Moon & Hallucination)" – just like the 5-track cd-r:

And why is this cd-r listed as a UK release, but is the 5-track one that looks very, very similar, listed as a US release? Wouldn’t it make more sense if these came from the same place?[/quote:22hm6rnx]

am i correct in thinking that this would be the only known cd (or non-vinyl) source for the "rabbit in the moon’s melancholy & the infinite dub" remix?[/quote:22hm6rnx]