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so the "for cd-single use only, at rabbit in the moon’s request" means to me that RITM had the say of whether or not he wanted to use his mix and distribute it out. does he like it? is he proud of it enough to put it on a single? if he wants it on there, he needs to request it and we’ll include it.[/quote:2saj8g65]
interesting. but i’m reading it differently.
wouldn’t it have said "for cd-single use, at rabbit in the moon’s request only" or ""for cd-single use, only at rabbit in the moon’s request" if it meant what it means to you?
i gave it some more thought, and the way i read it, is that ritm requested that this was only to be used for the cd-single. so if there ever was a vinyl single, this should not be included. or if they were ever looking for teitbite remixes for a compilation cd, this remix shouldn’t be used. cd-single only. at the request of the artist.
does that make sense?

and i’m going to assume that this 5-track promo cd-r is indeed the only known cd source of this remix. until i heard of this cd, i thought this track was vinyl-only.