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As someone who bought over 30 copies of these when they came out, I have been rather surprised at the prices the 3LP sets have consistently been going for on Ebay. A couple of auctions I was tracking this week ended and I wanted to get some feedback from you all, on your thoughts.

Auction #1) Item #290300709483 (Ebay UK)

MCIS #120.

Yep. #120. Supposedly, the earliest number that has ever appeared on Ebay. In the description, the seller mentions the following, in regards to the condition:

"The cover has a few minor scuffs around the edge (which can be seen in the picture) but otherwise in very good condition.

The vinyl has only been played once (to record it!) and I can’t see any scratches on it, but one of them has a slight dent (Huh?) at the very start of one side, not actually on the playable surface so playback is not affected. It’s one of those dents sometimes produced in the processing of the vinyl and is hardly noticable so I would say though that they are all in very good condition."

Final Price: 203.55 UK Pounds (equivalent to $283.16 in US Dollars)


Auction #2) Item #270354422512 (Ebay France)

MCIS #16013 (SEALED)

Yep, you read correctly. This one is still sealed and has never been played. I actually placed bids on this set (quite high), but was flying back home and missed the end of the auction.

Final Price: 167,81 Euros (equivalent to $215.63 in US Dollars)


So which one do you think was more rare and/or collectible? The one with some minor flaws and the low number or the one that was sealed and never played?

In my opinion, the one that was sealed was more valuable than the low number one. The reason being that few were sealed and the fact that 14 years later it was still sealed meant something. How many people did open their copy to play it, look at the vinyl, read the booklet, etc.?

Plus, I’d have to wager that we’d see a low number on Ebay again versus a sealed copy. This was proven already, with #190 being sold recently with a buy-it-now price of $285.00 (Item #260373565892).

What do you think? Would you rather have a low number or sealed copy?



Standard collector’s knowledge (as you would know for sure!!!) tends to value lower numbers higher than higher numbers.
The most infamous example is the White Album by The Beatles…. ;)

This number IS low.
Very very very low.

OK- so the record is not mint…
Whatever- the number is low; that’s what you pay for.

The other copy is in pristine mint condition.
It does have a higher number.
Whatever- the condition is superb; that’s what you pay for.

All in all-
It’s a trade-off between number vs condition….

I have seen almost destroyed low number copies of the White Album fetch awesome amounts.
And perfect ones not too high up fetch next to nothing.

Plus: i’ve seen a totally soiled VU LP signed by the complete band + Warhol being sold before my eyes for a shit load of cash… it WAS a first press and a mono one and signed ok… but the vinyl looked like shit and the cover was soiled and all… so I guess all figures in to make a price…

Still: Shawn: this is no, totally NO news to you!!!! ;)