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Inspired (sort of) from a few comments in another post, simply dicuss meaning/anecdotes/etc. behind the smashing pumpkins albums – things like the artwork, hidden meanings, metaphors and so forth. a few examples would be the zeitgeist artwork – a lot of meaning there, some clearer than others, and of course d’arcy’s bass in the coffin. also with pisces iscariot – the meaning of the name is somewhat common knowledge; pisces is bilyy’s star sign, and iscariot is his mothers maiden name/middle name/something to do with his mother (it eludes me at the moment :lol: ) but who is it on the cover?

so yes

happy discussing :D[/quote:1zizrzpo]

Man, I wish my memory was as good as it used to be, alas, it is not. I believe the picture on the cover is Kris, a female Billy dated for awhile. God I’m so lazy, I could look this up.

And if you take the CD out and look at the picture behind it, it looks like light is shining on Billy Corgan.

The heart on Gish is from his necklace, also given to him by a female companion.

Adore? No idea.

Machina, again, no idea.

Zeitgeist, our liberties, freedoms drowning in a sea of blood. I think it’s apropos for the sentiment of the times. I love that Paris was used on the Tarantula single. She’s hot. And she was informed of why they were using her, and she still said yes. I love that.

Of all artwork, I simply adore Siamese Dream. All the singles. The inner gatefold of the 12". It all rocks.

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